Tuesday, 7 May 2019

3D Bee Keepers Cottage Ornament

Latest bead pattern just added is 3D Bee Keepers Cottage Ornament at https://www.threadabead.com/5510/1/3D-Bee-Keepers-Cottage-Ornament-Bead-Pattern

Deep in the forest the bee keeper is tending to his hive, extracting the honey comb ready for tea. Horis the bear and his wife Henrietta love honey and, bears make the best bee keepers didn't you know! Why not visit the bee keepers cottage, and admire all the flowers that Horis keeps to entice the bees, of course if the honey is plentiful then you are welcome to join Henrietta for a picnic! In this pattern we give full detailed photographic and graphic instructions, and there are 38 detailed steps, making this pattern even suitable for beginners to beading. This bead pattern is made using Japanese Miyuki size 11 Delica. Round Peyote stitch is used but full detailed instructions are given, and no previous knowledge of the stitch is required. Please note the pattern may not work with any other size and type of beads. There are 15 delica colours in total and the finished beadwork is approximately 5.25cm (h) x 4.25cm(w) The bead pattern supplied is 16 pages and includes step by step photo and graphic instructions. A pattern chart is also included, but does not need to be used.

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