Friday, 1 September 2017

Christmas Train Ornament Pattern Part 2 The Advent Carriage

ThreadABead daily pattern Christmas Train Ornament Pattern Part 2 The Advent Carriage online at

All aboard for ThreadABead's 2017 Christmas project! Yes, that's right we are going loco crazy this year with our festive Christmas Train Ornament. At 10 inches long (with all carriages attached) this piece of beadwork is sure to be one of your most prized and stunning Christmas ornaments each year. In part 2 we will be creating the advent carriage. Please note, knowledge found in part 1 is assumed for part 2. So, what's an Advent carriage? Well this carriage helps you count the days down to Christmas. Turn the two blue cubes on top of the carriage each day and change the numbers showing at the front of the carriage to represent the days left until Christmas! This carriage turns your beadwork train from being just a beaded heirloom piece to something that is also useful and can be used year after year. Please note: This is the most advanced project currently available by ThreadABead. It is recommended that the beader does have prior experience of beading. Techniques used in this part are Odd Count Peyote and Round Peyote. As usual with ThreadABead featured patterns we give full detailed photographic instructions and in this part there are 39 detailed steps. Please note the pattern may not work with any other size and type of beads.

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